Nicole DeLuca Weiden
Tutor in reading and writing, specializing in dyslexia. 


I can help your child learn to read with One-On-One methods!!!
 How Tutoring Helps

Reading is the basis for learning and school success. While reading is learned primarily in the classroom, many students need extra time and help. Research shows that tutoring is a great way for individuals and groups outside school to support learning. Effective tutoring requires appropriate training and careful planning, with my One-On-One methods, I can offer your child the opportunity to progress.

One-On-One Tutoring.....

  • Creates a more favorable atmosphere for learning (particularly through the use of One On One Tutoring).

  • Provides more time on task, increased opportunities to read and immediate feedback.

  • Allows for immediate, positive and corrective feedback to help the learner stay on track and not repeat errors.

  • Can increase reading performance.

  • Can improve motivation and decrease frustration.

  • Enhances interpersonal skills as a bond is established with the tutor.

  • Allows for individual monitoring of progress to ensure that learning is taking place.

    Using a multi-sensory approach, the services I provide offer many benefits to students. Each student progesses at his or her own pace with and individualized One-On-One lesson plan.

  • One On One Tutoring

  • Multi-Sensory Approach

  • Games And Manipulatives

  • Wilson Reading System®
  • Developed in the 1980’s by Barbara Wilson, this program follows the Orton Gillingham methodology.  This system follows a series of twelve steps working from recognizing single phonemes within a single-syllable word, to reading multi-syllable words containing a variety of patterns.  This is a research-based program that is implemented by many schools to assist learning-disabled students of every level.
  • For more information on this program, visit

  • Orton Gillingham Method
  • The philosophy behind the Orton Gillingham method of teaching reading to struggling students has been the backbone to many programs that have been developed. Created in the early-20th century, this language-based technique is a sequential, systematic, and multi-sensory approach.  It is considered an approach rather than a program so that it remains individualized and specific to each student.
  • For more information on this widely-used approach, visit:


Students who read with understanding at an early age gain access to a broader range of texts, knowledge, and educational opportunities, making early reading comprehension instruction particularly critical. 

                                       Now accepting a limited number of students in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
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