Nicole DeLuca Weiden
Tutor in reading and writing, specializing in dyslexia. 


I can provide a wide range of services in a highly-qualified manner and I adhere to strict teaching standards and practices. Any and all of my services will be available for your child's needs by utilizing One-To-One tutoring.


I can develop successful skills and strategies for test taking that are appropriate for simple spelling tests to reading comprehension. I will be able provide opportunities to apply skills learned so your child will feel confident, prepared, and familiar with a testing situation.

Along with your child, I will develop skills for sucesseful test taking including:
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Concentration techniques
  • Study skills
  • Test planning skills

Special Needs Students

Both my education and background have prepared me to teach students with ADD/ADHD and those with diagnosed learning disabilities. I will develop the strategies to ensure a positive outcome in reading and comprehension.

One-On-One Attention

As a One-To-One tutor, I can offer a level of attention that is just not possible in school or in a franchised setting. The teacher student ratio of one to one is as high as it can be and will benefit your child in many areas of education and socialization.

I will not schedule more students than my time will allow.


I can, with other teachers and professionals help to ensure a positive outcome of our tutoring sessions and experience.

I can attend IEP meetings, and support classroom
instructors as necessary. Parents are provided with regular reports and feedback. Your child's progress is continually monitored and shared with you. All of your child's information is kept in strict confidence and never shared with anyone without your prior consent.


Now accepting a limited number of students in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
     Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or 
   for a free assessment of your child.

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